Welcome to Chronicles Software Development Company, Africa's Finest Solution Company

Chronicles is a solution company, developing software applications to meet the needs of people everywhere. We provide value solutions to our clients, status helping them to carry out their daily routines more efficiently.

Our applications are tailored to meet the specific needs of our client using the latest technological models. 
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Our Profile

  • Enterprises Application
  • Web Application Development
  • Electronic Test Solutions
  • Mobile Solutions

Who we are

  • Visonary
  • Innovative
  • Focused and Value Driven
  • Software Development Company

Core Values

Our core values are captured in the word CODES. Codes are the building blocks of any application software development process. These values are defined as follows;

  • C - Customer's Satisfaction
  • O - Open door Policy
  • D - Dedication to Innovation
  • E - Excellent Solutions and
  • S - Service to Humanity 

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