Our Product ::: Chronicles SuccessBox

SuccessBOX is a completely web based electronic self test solution, designed to provide features to adequately prepare students for academic excellence. Students preparing for their final year examinations [WACE, NECO] as well as JAMB and Private Candidates for GCE will find SuccessBOX as an exceptional tool.

SuccessBOX is designed as a web based solution while the offline version is developed as a standalone application. To be distributed either on a CD or to be downloaded on the Web via our website. Our development platform for this unique and robust solution will PHP and MySQL database.

Features and Functionalities

SuccessBOX provides rich and amazing functionalities, these includes:

  • 15 years past questions and answers bank for over 15 core subjects
  • Instant Scoring Mechanism
  • Random question generation
  • Dynamic Testing Modes [Standard Test, Quick Evaluation Test, and Quiz Mode]
  • Automated Timer Control
  • UTME Simulator/Exam Simulator
  • Graphical Analysis of Student Performance
  • Easy Setup and Easy to User Interface
  • Inbuilt Calculator During Testing
  • Comprehensive Test Review Functionality

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Core Values

Our core values are captured in the word CODES. Codes are the building blocks of any application software development process. These values are defined as follows;


  • C - Customer's Satisfaction
  • O - Open door Policy
  • D - Dedication to Innovation
  • E - Excellent Solutions and
  • S - Service to Humanity 

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