Our Products ::: Chronicles Universal Test Engine (UTEn)

Our first product Universal Test Engine (UTEn) is an electronic testing solution. UTEn helps to automate testing processes. Some features of UTEn are; integrated test builder, random question generation, instant scoring mechanism, well integrated test scheduler module and has a large database of over 10years past question in 12 Core subject areas etc.

Universal Test Engine offers an:

  • Organized storage for all the score of candidates for easy retrieval
  • A faster means of instant generation of candidates result after testing
  • Cost reduction in taking test on the long run. This is because cost of printing and paper are eliminated.

Core Values

Our core values are captured in the word CODES. Codes are the building blocks of any application software development process. These values are defined as follows;


  • C - Customer's Satisfaction
  • O - Open door Policy
  • D - Dedication to Innovation
  • E - Excellent Solutions and
  • S - Service to Humanity 

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